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1 Night 2 Days Tour

Experience the magic of the desert with Sahara Travels’ 1 Night 2 Days Tour. From camel treks and remote village tours to sunset viewing and star-gazing, topped with an overnight stay in the desert, this is the ultimate Jaisalmer adventure.

Google Review 4.5/5

1. Journey to the Remote Corners

Depart in a 4×4 jeep to desert landscapes, visiting an abandoned village and a charming oasis. From the camel point, venture towards remote villages, experiencing local wildlife and cultural richness.

2. Unwind in Nature's Embrace

Revel in a serene lunch break under a tree while guides prepare a fresh meal. Continue the camel ride to isolated dunes, experiencing a breathtaking desert sunset and a campfire-cooked dinner.

3. Morning Glory & Farewell

Begin your second day with a stunning sunrise, followed by breakfast and a pleasant camel ride. End your unforgettable journey with a jeep ride back to the bustling city of Jaisalmer.

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Conditions of Reservation

Reservations require a deposit to secure the tour. Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance for a refund. Please inform us of dietary restrictions or allergies at booking.

From : ₹3000 / Per Person

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Our Clients Reviews

Hear from our satisfied clients who’ve experienced the magic of Jaisalmer through our unparalleled desert safaris.

I called Aniketh (owner of this travel) on the morning of our trip and asked him about packages and itinerary. He suggested a fantastic plan, just what I was hoping/planning.

Sreenath Vemula Tourist

Had the most amazing experience! We paid for a private safari and we highly recommend doing it with them. I was amazed about how good the food was.

Gerardo Ronquillo Tourist

Amazing stay and hospitality. The rooms are spacious, the staff is friendly and welcoming. Excellent service with camel and jeep safari. Highly recommended.

Mansi Saraswat Tourist

A lot of companies in Jaisalmer offer all kinds of different desert experiences. We went with Sahara Travels, run by Mr Desert. They did a great job!

Henk Rook Tourist